Ostec Office
Ostec” group of companies is the largest engineering company in Russia and CIS countries that provides complex engineering-consulting service for improving work efficiency of companies and competitiveness of their products in the area of various electronic devices, equipment and components manufacture.

Manufacturability and ecological safety of factories became inspiring vector in interior design. There are four elements in the basis of office design concept: air, water, earth and fire. Especial décor of meeting rooms corresponds to each element. Reception desk, looking like glass iceberg consisting of lighting improvised micro-schemes with grass islands, going down from the ceiling, flow by the wall and partially hanging in the air. Behind secretaries there is narrow aquarium integrated into the wall. Meeting rooms are decorated in elements themes: air, earth, water, fire. There are its own unique elements in each of them.
In “Air” meeting room there is light furniture and lamp creating illusion of air flows direction: elements similar to columns smoothly go to round shape on the ceiling, its center is decorated by glass element imitating chandelier. Blue-green shades, easy light in a form of wave, transparent partition for “Water” meeting room. Coffee-red shades, installation with river stones and plants, technological Earth images for “Earth” meeting room. Red with orange and light beige in “Fire” meeting room. There were designed unique lamps and chandeliers fitting each chosen theme for all meeting rooms.