Microsoft is represented in Russia since 1992

Project-nominee for the Best Office Awards 2017!

Business-aim of this project was to make the athmosphere of the office less formal, more comfortable for employees and more diverse

The renovation of corporate offices around the world was thematic.

It was also decided that the theme offices in each country should reflect the national identity

Thematic design was manifested mainly in the HUB solution, so, the architects came up with their own themes or areas for each of them, where Russia is a world leader: technical achievements, music, theater, fine arts and literature. These images extend to the design of meeting rooms, as well as in the form of an ornament on glass partitions on the floors.

Designed by UNK Project

For visual saturation of the interior, real musical instruments, vinyl records, motherboards were used. The design of the kernel used thematic collages, sustained in color and stylistics of the floor.
Maria Derzhavina
The chief architect of the project, UNK Project