Mattel Office
Mattel is one of the world's largest toys manufacturer. Company's brands - Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Hot Wheels, etc.
The aim of this project is to organize a comfortable office space that meets the comfort requirements and consistent with the business processes of the company.

It was needed to develop the most convenient layout, in which most space is occupied by open space, and in the remaining space are distributed cabinets and meeting areas

A special feature of the space was the triangular shape with a slightly rounded base.

For the convenience of moving, it was decided to place workstations in the central part and to organize meeting rooms along the perimeter of the light circuit
In order not to violate the insolation, all the partitions are made of glass with patterns in the shape of the company's products.

To save space, the document racks were placed along the wall, and small cabinets performed the role of separating working units in the open space. For the comfort of employees, the work tables are separated by partitions, which also perform a soundproofing function.

The area for informal meetings with customers looks like a small lounge, separated by shelving, which demonstrates the company's poducts.


The office is very bright and convenient not only for work, but also for breaks.
Savchenko A.
Mattel CEO, Russia