Winner of "Best Office Awards 2017" in the nomination "Lighting Design" is one of the oldest Internet news agencies in Russia

The task was to create a comfortable working environment for the journalists. It was necessary to combine work areas and multi-scale rooms for communication. An important condition was the possibility of rapid exchange of information and interaction within the editorial staff.

The interior of the new office was supposed to reflect the profile of the team's activities and to have its own individual look, not resembling the offices of other agencies.
The editorial office, occupying the third and fourth floors of the building, is a mix of various functional areas - rooms for individual and team work of journalists, meeting rooms, mini coffee points, lounge areas and a dining room located on the attic floor of the building. Also there is a multifunctional hall with the most modern equipment for holding press conferences, lectures, meetings and presentations

Architects decided to show the breadth of the information activity of the company, using only one color in the interior - white

Black accents applied to the flooring and window bindings, the frames of the partitions create an image of a newspaper sheet or an information website.

In the creation of the interior "custom" furniture made in local workshops from materials of Russian production was used. It is all cabinet, built-in furniture, as well as work tables created according to the sketches of the authors of the project.

Designed by Nefa Architects