The CITYIDEL business center is located within the Garden Ring. It is situated on Zemlyanoy Val. This business cener is one of the largest office complexes of Class A.
This business center was commissioned in 2009.

The main aim of the project was to bring it in line with the ecological standard of BREEAM and to remodel the space of public areas that have ceased to fit into the image and reputation of the modern business interior.

This interior should have been as neutral as possible

The lack of the natural light was the one of the main problems during the realization of the project. The west side of the building was the only one penetrated by light.

Also, there was a necessity to calculate correctly the number of waiting rooms, design a convenient reception and take into account that terminals and ATMs of different configurations and will appear in the interior.
There were also some cafes and other areas which needed to be correctly designed in a new space.

The interior concept of business center is based on a simple geometric pattern that was transformed into 3D projecting cubes of different sizes on the walls of the central lobby

That's why they give the space dynamics, so the interior seems to be a paraphrase of the facade.

Designed by ABD Architects