The company develops qualified Scandinavian design traditions for contract market and home interiors.
+Halle guiding principles are: using high quality materials, excellent design and ambitious ideas.
The main partners – designers of the company are: Flemming Busk, Stephan Hertzog, Anders Kærsgaard,Mikkel Westfall, Troels Grumm – Schwensen, Anders Nørgaard.
+Halle has its philosophy and culture:

Architecture – all the projects are done with purpose of being in close connection with environment, underline harmony and create comfort – that is why these are furniture solutions for past, present and future.

People – all the projects are done for a user, to bring him gladness and pleasure.

Design – all the projects are to be harmonic in form, materials and manufacture possibilities, only after they acquire life.

Culture – all the projects are done for the world market, with respect to culture of various countries.

Official web-site: http://www.plushalle.com/